Nano Z

Nano Z (Book 1)

Nano Z: Salvation

Nano Z: Salvation (Book 2)

Nano Z: Obilvion

Nano Z: Oblivion (Book 3)

Winter Magic

Winter Magic (Frostbound Legacy #1)

Winter's Wrath

Winter's Wrath (Frostbound Legacy #2)

Winter's Ward

Winter's Ward (Frostbound Legacy #3)


Cargo (Custodian of the Cosmos #1)


Stasis (Custodian of the Cosmos #2)



Ink and Inferno

Ink and Inferno

The Silent Heist

The Silent Heist (Shadowed Bonds #1)

Nano Z: Box Set

Nano Z Trilogy Box Set

"No, you creep. You gonna touch me or something?"


About Brad

Brad Knight is an emerging voice in speculative fiction, known for his captivating exploration of post-apocalyptic worlds.

With a background in environmental studies, Knight brings a unique perspective to his narratives, blending scientific insight with vivid imagination. His stories delve into the resilience of humanity amid the ruins of civilization, showcasing his talent for creating complex characters and immersive settings. Off the page, Knight is an avid hiker and amateur astronomer, passions that infuse his writing with a deep appreciation for the natural world and the mysteries of the cosmos.

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